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Scholarship – 18

Scholarship Opportunity for Integrated MS-PhD, Ph.D. Positions at School of Chemical Engineering at Yeungnam University. Expired

No. Professors Research Interests No. of Students Required
Master PhD
1 Jae-Jin Shim

(School of Chem Eng)


1. Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes

2. Nanomaterials for Energy Storage, Catalysts, and Sensors

3. Clean Synthesis of Polymers & Organics using supercritical fluids or ionic liquids


(combined MS-PhD)

2 Yong Rok Lee

(School of Chem Eng)


1. Organic and Medicinal Synthesis

2. Nano and Natural Product Synthesis

3. Bioactivity Screen of Organic Molecules


(combined MS-PhD)

3 Moonyong Lee

(School of Chem Eng)


1. Advanced Process Design and Optimization

2. Advanced Process Control

3. Energy efficient process technology


(combined MS-PhD)

4 Jintae Lee

(School of Chem Eng)


1. Biotechnology and Bionanotechnology

2. Biofilm and Biofouling

3. Bacteria-Host Interaction


(combined MS-PhD)

5 Woo Kyoung Kim

(School of Chem Eng)

CIGS Solar Cell 1 1
6 Jong Su Kim

(Dept of Physics)


1. III-V (InGaAs, AlGaAs, GaAs, InGaSb, AlGaSb, GaSb based materials) quantum nanostructure (Q-Dot, Q-Ring, NW)

2. Optoelectronic devices (Solar Cell, photodetector)

3. Optical and electrical properties (Photoluminescence, Photo-Reflectance, Time Resolved Photo Current, I-V, C-V)


(combined MS-PhD)

7 Soo-Hyun Kim

(School of Materials Eng)


1. Semiconductor devices processing

2. Nanomaterials and thin films synthesis using atomic layer deposition for catalyst, energy storage, and sensors

3. Transmission electron microscopy analysis


(combined MS-PhD)


* Send this Student Information Form to Prof. Jae-Jin Shim ( so that he can redirect your materials to your supervisor-to-be.

For further Details:

Ganesh Dhakal

Contact- +82-10-63897348

PhD scholar at School of Chemical Engineering, Yeungnam university


Scholarship – 17

Scholarship Opportunity for MS in Pharmacy at Kyungpook National University Expired

Graduate student recruitment

We are looking for self-motivated graduate students to research together at Kyungpook National University (KNU), Daegu, Republic of Korea. Our researches mainly focus on the interaction between the disease-related proteins and their small molecule ligands. We find the bioactive small molecules that modulate biologically and medically important proteins by direct binding, aiming at the discovery of new drug. We have the unique and proved tools to predict small molecules that work on target proteins. Once purchasing about several tens of candidate molecules from vendors, binding, enzyme, or cell-based assays follow to confirm the real activities of the molecules. Graduate students must participate in these experiments. We use a variety of biophysical methods such as UV/Visible, fluorescence, and NMR. Students may need to purify proteins or to culture cells in order to extend the initial findings. After confirming the activities of the candidate molecules, we purchase analogues of the active compounds and repeat the real assays. With the established procedure, we have produced many meaningful results (e.g. bioactive small molecules). Target proteins include metalloenzyme (tyrosinase, HDAC, carbonic anhydrase…), serine proteinase (thrombin, trypsin, factor Xa …), kinase (VEGFR2, PDGFR, PIM1, GSK3b, …), enzymes in the field of cancer metabolism (HIF1/2a, MTH, MDH2, IDH1, LDHA, …), and GPCR (LPA1, GPR43, GPR109a, GPR119, …). The students who are interested in the structural biology using X-ray and NMR will be welcomed too. Computational approaches for predicting and quantifying the interactions between proteins and ligands can be tried as well. Taken together, the applicants for our laboratory should have fundamental knowledge of biochemistry or biophysics. He or she should be familiar with proteins and related topics. The tuition fees and living costs of the graduate students will be supported by KNU or grants. If you are interested in our laboratory, don’t hesitate to contact.

(Trilok Neupane, ).

Best wishes,

JunGoo JEE (PhD, Associate Professor)
College of Pharmacy
Kyungpook National University



Scholarship -16

Scholarship Program for Integrated MS-PhD Positions in Yeungnam University, Gyeongsan Expired

Online Application Deadline: 2017. 9. 27(Wed.) 09:30 ~ 2017. 10. 27(Fri.) 16:00

College of pharmacy, Molecular biology lab at Yeungnam University (YU) located in Gyeongbuk Province near Daegu, S. Korea, offers full scholarship to foreign students who want to study MS/PhD combined courses.

The lab focus on structural biology which determines the structure of biological macromolecules such as protein complex, by using mainly protein crystallography. Protein crystallography includes the procedure of molecular cloning, protein expression and purification, crystallization, x-ray data collection and structure modelling.

Interested students can send their CV with cover letter and English score (TOFEL/IBT-95, IELTS-7) to the following e-mail address:

Contact details-


For detail information about admission procedure, please check the attachment below:


Scholarship – 15

Application Deadline- May 15(Mon), 2017 ~ July 12(Wed), 2017
Yeungjin College is recruiting international students who have an interest in studying in Yeungjin College as a scholarship student getting full scholarship including 100% tuition waiver, free dormitory, and allowances for about 700,000 KRW per month.
The attached is the admission guideline, and information of Yeungjin College.
If you have any interest or inquires contact (Chaewon KIM, in charge of recruitment of international students)
Brochure of YJC (1)

Scholarship – 14

Information for Prospective Graduate Students in Biomedical Engineering: Expired
Micro Bio-Technology Laboratory (MBTL) Department of Biomedical Engineering, School of Medicine, Keimyung University is looking for creative students interested in pursuing Master, Ph.D. or MS-PhD in Biomedical Engineering.
Students who have completed Bachelor or Master degree in Biomedical engineering, mechanical engineering, biology, chemistry, physics, or biotechnology can contact:
Email: (Professor Yun-Seok Heo), or (Researcher Ryong Seong)
Please check attached file for detail about Principal Investigator and Micro Bio-Technology Laboratory.Introduction Micro Bio Technology Lab at Keimyung University

Scholarship – 13

Scholarship Programs for Integrated MS-PhD Positions in Kwangwoon University, Seoul !!
Advanced Quantum-Nano Materials & Optoelectronics Laboratory (AQNMOL) is seeking 1-2 students who are interested in following research area.
Faculty: Electronics Engineering
Research Area: Nanomaterials and Optoelectronics devices
Lab Webpage:
1. Bachelor of Science (Physics), Electronics / Electrical engineering or equivalent
2. Resume/C.V. with picture *
2. Transcript and Graduation Certificates (S.L.C. / INTERMEDIATE / BACHELOR) *
3. Study Plan (or SOP) and Self Introduction one copy each *
4. English Language score: IELTS / TOEFL (Not Mandatory)
AQNMOL will fully support the living expenses and tuition for the appropriate candidates.
Documents marked with * are compulsory and must be submitted before 06/05/2017 to

Scholarship – 12
Online Application- 2017. 3. 29(Wed.) 09:30 ~ 2017. 4. 26(Wed.) 16:00 Expired

School of Chemical Engineering (SChE) at Yeungnam University (YU) located in Gyeongbuk Province near Daegu, S. Korea, offers full scholarship to foreign students who want to study their MS, PhD, or combined MS-PhD degree studies. SChE is one of the top 10 strongest departments in Chemical Engineering research in Korea.
Area of study: Polymers, Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Nano Technology, Clean Technology, Graphene, Catalysis, Process Control, Photovolataic and Dye-sensitized Solar Cells, Quantum Dot Solar Cells, Secondary Batteries, Microbial Fuel Cells, Biofilm Reactors, etc.
(1) BS and/or MS degree in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, and related area (including current UG and MS students who have already graduated or will be graduating by August, 2017. If your official graduation date is in September, 2017, you may still apply by getting the Certificate of Expectant Graduation from your university.)
(2) 100% Tuition Waiver: English score of TOEFL (> 590 pbt, > 240 cbt, or > 95 ibt), TOEIC (> 800), or IELTS (> 7.0)
(3) 70% Tuition Waiver: English score of TOEFL (> 550 pbt, > 210 cbt, or > 80 ibt), TOEIC (> 700), or IELTS (> 6.0)
(4) Academic Record: Letter grade CGPA > 2.5/4.0; Percentage grade CGPA > 55%, or Number grade CGPA > 7.0 /10
For Details, Contact to
Prof. Jae-Jin Shim, Ph.D.
Chairman of External Cooperation Committee, School of ChE
Director of the Clean Energy Priority Research Center
Director of the Institute of Clean Technology
Professor, School o f Chemical Engineering
Tel: 053-810-2587, Fax: 053-810-4631
or See the attachments below:
1. Student Information Form(for 2017 fall entry)

2.Introduction to School of Chemical Eng (for 2017 fall entry)

3. Guidelines for Fall semster 2017_Yeungnam University

Scholarship -11 Expired

Scholarship 12

Scholarship -10 Expired

कोरियन सरकारको छात्रबृती २०१७ सम्बन्धि जानकारी /

February 1, 2017

सन् २०१७ को लागि कोरियन सरकारको शिक्षा मन्त्रालय अन्तर्गतको NATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION (NIIED ) ले संसार भरिका १५६ देशका ६७० international students लाइ उच्च शिक्षा (Master’s & Doctoral) र non-degree research programs को लागि छात्रबृती आमन्त्रण गरेको जानकारी गरौदछौ /

नेपालका लागि छात्रबृती Quota ८ जना (कम्तिमा)
Quota Reserved for the Embassy Track- २
Quota Reserved for the University Track- ६

थप जानकारीक लागि Please visit → Scholarships → GKS Notice (currently posted on no. 320)
Please check the guidelines carefully for further information such as the eligibility requirements, required documents and directions to submit the application.

सम्बन्धित सबैलाई शुभकामना /

KGSP Scholarship 2017 Notice

Scholarship -9

Scholarship Opportunity in Park Chung Hee School of Policy and Saemaul (PSPS): Expired

Deadline: October 31, 2016

The PSPS, Yeungnam University is inviting promising students from all over the world. The PSPS offers master’s degree programs in five different majors: Saemaul Undong and Community Development, International Development Cooperation, Public Policy and Leadership, Forest Resources and Ecological Restoration, and Environmental Management and Policy. PSPS was established to share Korea’s experiences in the socio-economic development with the rest of the world Scholarship Benefits:
Admission fee waiver
Tuition waiver for four semesters
KRW 1,000,000 of monthly living allowance for 12 months
For More Information Contact (Narayan Maya Bohara, Master Student PSPS; E:mail:, Phone: 010-4206-2998)


Update made on 2015/05/26

Update made on 2015/04/24

Scholarship -8

Fully funded PhD and Master Vacancy

Dear Fellows, Fully funded PhD and Master- leading to-PhD positions are available at the Innovergence Lab, Korea Aerospace University, South Korea. The fellow will conduct research for his dissertation within the research framework of “Heterogeneous Social Network Analysis and Big Data Analytics”. S/He will be involved in different research projects funded by Korea Research Foundation, Ministry of Knowledge Economy Korea, and the Electrical and Telecommunication Institute South Korea. The applicant must have:
o Master Degree (18 years of Education) in Computer/Electrical/Electronic Engineering with research experience in the area of Social Network Analysis/ Hadoop/ Web Mining and Machine learning.

o Have one of: TOEFL score (Internet-based) of at least 83, IELTS score of at least 5.5 or TEPS score of at least 579 .

Feel free to send  your C.V. your CV at ( , ).

Update made on 2015/04/01

Scholarship -7 Expired

[GRADUATE] FALL 2015 ADMISSION IS NOW IN PROGRESS!, Yonsei University…/sub03/finfo2(2015-2).pdf

Scholarship -6 Expired

[GRADUATE] FALL 2015 ADMISSION IS NOW IN PROGRESS!, KDI School of Public Policy and Management

Update made on 2015/03/31

Scholorship-5 Expired

[GRADUATE] FALL 2015 ADMISSION IS NOW IN PROGRESS!, KAIST, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology,


Update made on 2015/03/23

Scholorship-4 Expired

Scholorship-3 Expired


Scholorship-2 Expired

Postdoc position at National Institute of Crop Science, Miryang, RDA, Korea. 
Essential requirements:
PhD in relevant field.
Experience in wheat, rye genetics and quality analysis. 
Preliminary contact: OR

Scholorship-1 Expired


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