SONSIK Open Forum

SONSIK Open Forum proudly presents the SONSIK Virtual Scientific Forum to explore the new innovation, technology and advancement in wide spectrum of the science.

Objective of the SONSIK Virtual Scientific Forum

  • Share: To showcase the diverse professional pursuits and remarkable achievements in scientific field
  • Learn: To glean valuable insights and practical knowledge from experienced professionals
  • Connect: To foster a sense of community and mutual support among Nepalese students and professionals around the globe
  • Inspire: To motivate and empower aspiring individuals to navigate and thrive in the Korean professional landscape

What are the areas of SONSIK Virtual Scientific Forum ?

  1. IT and Engineering
  2. Arts, Social science and Literature
  3. Natural Science and medicine
  4. Drug discovery, Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical science
  5. Agriculture and Forestry

Who can Participate ?

Every individual who wants to share their knowledge, innovative idea, new findings, their valid prospect towards the specific area of science and esteemed professionals: As presenter/Panellist/Moderator

All the academicians and student seeking to foster their understanding and knowledge towards various aspects of new era of science, arts and literature: As active audience/participants

How to participate?

Anyone who is interested to participate should register their name via given google form and we will provide the link prior to the session through email.

Time: 20:00 PM to 21.00 PM (Seoul Standard Time) / 16:45 PM to 17:45 PM (KTM standard Time)


Episode 7: बदलिँदो विश्वमा नेपालको परराष्ट्र नीतिः २१औँ शताब्दीमा चुनौती र अवसरको सदुपयोग

Episode 6: From Fields to Global Labs || Dr. Dirgha Raj Joshi

Episode 5: Nepal Embassy's Initiatives on Nepalese Students in Korea | Pushpa Raj Bhattarai

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