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Prakash Devkota Civil Engineering/Structural Engineering Wonkwang University Concrete technology, Finite element method, Super speed tube train system  
Prabesh Paudel Engineering/Big data and machine learning Mokpo National University Deep Learning with human pose  
Puran Pandey “Chhetri” Electronics Engineering/Materials Science Dongguk University SERS, Sensor, Plasmonic nanoparticles, 2D materials  
Hari Prasad Devkota Pharmaceutical Sciences/Natural Product Chemistry Kumamoto University Analytical chemistry, Natural products  
Tulsi Paudel Business Administration /Tourism Administration Kangwon National University Business Analytics , Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creation, Sustainability, Eco-tourism, HRM, Big- Data.  
KISAN CHHETRI Engineering /Electrochemistry, Material Chemistry Jeonbuk National University Electrochemical energy storage and conversion application of MOFs derived porous composites.  
Sushil Acharya Civil Engineering /Urban Planning DUDBC Transportation Planning  
Amit Kumar Shrivastava Pharmacy/Pharmacology Universal College of Medical Sciences Neuroscience  
Rajaram Shrestha Physics/Terahertz Generation and Detection GIST nan  
Dr. Sharad Chand Pharmacy/Pharmacy Practice NGSM Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences Patient Safety  
Grinsun sharma Biomedical sciences /Micro RNA research, Colon Cancer Wonkwang University WB, PCR, IHC  
Saurav Ghimire MOLECULAR GENETICS/Neuroscience, Genetics University of Bordeaux MOLECULAR Genetics  
Janardan Lamichhane Biochemistry /Genetic engineering Kathmandu University Medicinal plants of Nepal  
Krishna Somai Chemical Engineering & Technology /Organic Synthesis Medigen. Inc, Daejeon Single or multi-step organic reactions, Purification techniques, NMR, FT-IR, HPLC, GC-Mass, LC-Mass etc  
Agni Raj Koirala Chemistry/Material Science Sogang University Photocatalysis, CO2 reduction and water splitting  
Sangita Karki Kunwor Global Health /National Health Policy Hanyang University/Department of Global Health/PhD candidate Preventive Medicine/ Non communicable Diseases  
Anil Giri Pharmaceutics/Drug Delivery Pokhara University/Assistant Professor/Master Drug Delivery, Physical Pharmacy  
BIJAY BASNET Materials Sc. Engineering/Nano materials and ceramics Hanseo univ Nano materials and ceramics  
Dr. Arun Gupta Nuclear Medicine/Nuclear Medicine Imaging and Therapy of Cancer/ Personalized Dosimetry in Theranostics BPKIHS/ASSISTANT PROFESSOR/Ph.D. Patient-specific Voxel-based Dosimetry in Theranostics  
Rajeev Shrestha Organic chemistry/Org. Chemistry, Natural product Ph.d Organic synthesis, phytochemistry  
EK RAJ BARAL Organic Synthesis/In Organic Synthesis Researcher at MEDIGEN.Inc, Daejeon South Korea (PhD) Organic Synthesis, Multicomponent Synthesis, NMR Spectroscopy  
Amar Kunwar Zoology/Plant animal interaction MSc Cervids  
Thakur Subedi Political Science & International Relations/International Migration Hannam University/Asst. Professor/Ph.D. Int’l Migration, Diaspora Transnationalism, Brain-Drain, Multiculturalism, Political Economy  
Hari Datta Khanal Chemical Engineering/Organic Synthesis Research professor Organic Synthesis, Functionalization of diazo compounds, Heterocycle synthesis, Benzannulation  
Ram Hari Dahal Microbiology/Microbiology Kyungpook National University School of Medicine/Postdoctoral researcher/PhD Microbiology; Bacterial systematics; Gut microbiome; Antibiotics; Antimicrobial Resistant (AMR); Microbial products  
Dhiraj Kumar Chaudhary Microbiology//Bacterial Systematic, Bioremediation, Environmental Engineering, Environmental Engineering Korea University/Research Professor/Ph.D nan  
Hem Prakash Karki nanomaterial engineering/Nano-catalyst, nanofiber fabrications, Sediment analysis, Diffusive thin membrane resin gels, trace metal detection, water purification Korea University, Sejong, Campus, Sejong si Nano-catalyst, nanofiber fabrications, Sediment analysis, Diffusive thin membrane resin gels, trace metal detection, water purification  
Rishikesh Bajagain Environmental Engineering/Soil Remediation Research Professor Soil restoration, chemical oxidation, bioremediation, surfactant foam remediation  
CHHABI LAL CHAUDHARY Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical Chemistry/Medicinal Chemistry)/Organic synthesis, Medicinal chemistry, Spectroscopy analysis (NMR, Mass, IR etc.) Chungbuk National University/Postdoctoral Associate/Ph.D. nan  
Krishna Prasad Dhakal Physics/Optics 2D materials Sungkyunkwan university korea Nano optics, 2d TMDs  
Aryal Krishna Prasad Chemistry/Electrochemistry Post-doc Electrochemical sensor, electrochromic cell  
Prakash Raj Pandeya Natural Product Chemistry /Utilization of herbal products in various disease conditions Research Facility, Jeonbuk National University Natural Product Chemistry, Obesity, Liver pathophysiology, Herbal formulation  
Awasthi Bhuwan Prasad Pharmaceutical Chemistry /Synthesis, Purification, structure elucidation Yeungnam University/Post Doc/Ph.D. nan  
Santosh Lamichhane Pharmacy /Oncology and Neuroscience Wonkwang University Colorectal cancer, microRNA, Neuroscience  
TIKARAM ARYAL International Relations / Political Science/Foreign Relations/ Domestic politics Visiting Professor/ KC University Democracy/Party system  
Arbindra KC International trade and economics/Regression analysis in Stata Masters Effect of ODA, Tax Revenue & Tourism on Trade Balance of Nepal  
Keshab Pandey Physics/Material Science and Energy Engineering Daegu University/PhD/Applied Physics Supercapacitors,HER and OER  
Ghanashyam Gyawali Physics/Synthesize materials for green energy and its storage P.hD, Daegu University Supercapacitors, HER, OER  
ADHIKARI PUSPA RAJ ADVANCED MATERIALS PHYSICS AND ENGINEERING/Theoretical/Computational Physics Density Functional Theory(DFT) Machine-Learning (ML) Solid State Physics Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) Materials Science  
Manish Pandey Computer Science and Engineering / Edge Computing Kyungpook National University Middleware, Machine Learning, IoT devices  
Hom Bahadur Basnet Veterinary Microbiology/Avian Disease, Veterinary Science Agriculture and Forestry University, Faculty of Animal Science Veterinary and Fisheries/Dean/PhD Veterinary Microbiology Microbiology, Immunology, Veterinary Science, Avian Diseases  
Ramakanta Lamichhane Natural product chemistry/Isolation and identificaion of phytochemicals, study of ant-obesity and antidiabetic activity, counselling on food and drugs for diabetic patients Ph.D. Isolation and identification of phytochemicals, anti-obesity and antidiabetic activities  
Bikash Thapa Immunology, cancer immunotherapy/Basic immunology, molecular biology, mouse infection model and autoimmune diseases, Research Professor B cell, T cell, macrophage function during cancer, autoimmune diseases and bacterial and viral infection.  
Siddhartha Bikram Panday Sports Biomechanics/Motion Analysis Keimyung University/ Assistant Professor/ Sports Science Aging, Bigdata, Movement Analysis, Wearable sensors  
Bipeen Dahal Materials Chemistrt/ Electrochemistry/Electrospinning, Carbon nanofibers, MOF based carbons and their composites, Energy conversion and storage, Flexible Energy storage devices Central Department of Chemistry, Tribhuvan University/ Assistant Professor/ PhD Electrospinning, Carbon nanofibers, MOF based carbons and their composites, Energy conversion and storage, Flexible Energy storage devices  
Buddhi Raj Joshi Geotechnical Engineering/Civil Engineer Pokhara University/Assistant Professor/Master Pavement Design, Foundation Engineering, Traffic Engineering and Concrete Technogy  
Shyam Gaire Chemistry/Seeker Bachelor of science nan  
Rajendra Acharya Applied Biology/Entomology/Integrated pest management; Biological control of Insect pest; Molecular biology; Population genetics, Insect biology; Host preference Kyungpook National University/PhD scholar Insect biology, Host preference, Population genetics, Biological control of insect pest  
Tilak Prasad Panday Agriculture/Plant Physiology Kyungpook national university/master’s student/Agriculture Plant Stress (Abiotic stress)  
Madhu Sudhan Atteraya Social Welfare/Social Welfare Keimyung University/Assistant Professor/PhD nan  
rukesh machamasi korean kanguage/Pharmacy Master nan  
Roshan Sharma Poudyal Molecular Biolofy/Genetic Engineering and Biochemistry National Institute for Agricultural Science, Rural Development Sdministration nan  
Uttam Ojha Neuroscience, Vascular Cancer Biology, Liver Cirrhosis /Western Blot/PCR/HPLC/IHC/IP, Protein purification Kyungpook National University, PhD Student Neurodegenerative diseases, Cancer, Angiogenesis, Organ fibrosis  
Ashmita Jaishi Pharmaceutical chemistry, Polymer chemistry/Extraction, Polymerization, NMR, GC/MS, FTIR Kyungpook National University/MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences Organic Synthesis, Liquid Crystal  
Nisha Adhikari Molecular Biology /Cell culture, Gene cloning, Calcium imaging, RT-qPCR, Primary culture of DRG and it’s related experiment, mouse experiments:- itch-scratching behavior tests, pain behavior tests Gachon University/ Student/PhD Itch mediated pathways, Genes, GPCRs, Allergic diseases, Pathophysiology  
Ujjwala Karmacharya Pharmaceutical Chemistry /Organic synthesis, Purification, NMR, Mass spectroscopy, HPLC Kyungpook National University/ Post doctoral scholar nan  
Dirgha Raj Joshi Medicinal Chemistry/Organic synthesis, Medicinal chemistry, Indolizines Yonsei University Synthetic methodology, indolizine, quinone, chromones  
Pradeep Adhikari Ecology/Climate change, Ecological modeling, GIS, molecular ecology Research Professor at Hankyong National University, Aanseong, South Korea, PhD nan  
Surendra Kunwar Pharmacy/Medicinal Chemistry PhD Candidate Anticancer drug discovery  

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