SONSIK Educational Resources


Conference Proceedings

Guide Book


SONSIK 7th Educational Seminar Report

SONSIK-Newsletter-2019-Volume-8 Issue-2


SONSIK eNewsletter vol3

SONSIK Constitution 5th Amendment

Annual Report 15th EC

SONSIK Career Guidance Workshop Material_2017.06.17

Report on SONSIK Career Counseling Workshop June 17, 2017

SONSIK New Students Orientation & 4th Sports Festival, April 8-9, 2017

Report-of-SONSIK-5th-Educational-Seminar-on-Research-in Science, Engineering and Technology, Jan 14-15, 2017, Gwangju

Proceeding of SONSIK 5th Educational Seminar on Research in Science, Engineering and Technology, Jan 14-15, 2017, Gwangju

Required Documents for Degree Equivalence Certificate in Nepal

SONSIK_Informative-Booklet_November-2016 Electronic Version

SONSIK Fact BOOK_ November 2016_For Print Version

SONSIK New Students Orientation _2016_Guide

SONSIK Self Leadership Workshop 2016_Participant-Guide

SONSIK Activities(2014-2015)_SONSIK 11th EC

नेपाली बिधार्थी समाज कोरिया SONSIKको ११ औ कार्यसमितिको प्रगति बिवरण

SONSIK Guide Book to Study in Korea for Nepalese Students-2015


Knowledge Sharing Workshop on“Linking Nepalese Diaspora for the Development of Nepal” Proceeding



SONSIK guide for the Invitation of Relatives in Korea -bimalsubedi

Proceding-Our Knowledge, Skills & Earning For Our Nation 2014

Interaction program with Dr. Mahabir Pun

Forms Required for visa and sojourn purpose

application form for a certificate of visa issuance

approval Letter of Guarantee(Reference form) (English)

Recommendation from Professor for part-time work of foreign student

application form for a certificate of visa issuance approval

application form for a visa issuance Integrated Application Form(Appendix Paper No.34)

Foreigners registration application

Others ::

Nepal Promotion Presentation –

Proceedings of the SONSIK 3rd Educational Seminar 

Lecture Slides_SONSIK 3rd Educational Seminar-2014

Proceedings_SONSIK Interactive Seminar-2014 

Lecture Slides_SONSIK 1st Interactive Seminar at Daegu (July 6, 2014)

SONSIK Activities(2013-2014)_SONSIK 10th EC

List of Nepali Graduates (2014 February and August) From Korea

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