Message from President

I’m very much thankful to all helping hands who believe me that I can take an honorable post, the president of the SONSIK. As being a social activist, I actively involved with many organizations in the past. I worked as secretary of SONSIK for the 15th executive committee. I will utilize that experience to lead SONSIK in the proper direction for the coming year. As the number of Nepalese students in Korea is increasing day by day, connecting with them via diverse activities is needed.
I’m thankful to all the former seventeen presidents and executive members of SONSIK who contributed a lot to hand over SONSIK to us. I am excited to work with diverse organizations in Korea, Nepal, and abroad. On behalf of the 18th EC, I would like to thank the Embassy of Nepal, Korea, Nepalese organizations here in Korea, Nepal, and abroad, media partners, and sponsors for supporting us morally, financially, and in other various ways. With the proper suggestion from advisors and continuous support from all, we will carry out SONSIK activities.
Still, the entire world is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic; we will carry out our activities accordingly. Once this pandemic is under control, we will carry out the different programs in person as possible.
Let’s be connected, participate actively, support each other for mutual benefits, and make SONSIK to a better height. If the youth cannot see their future in their country, they will have no more bright future. So we will try to collaborate with Nepal Embassy, Nepal Government, and other organizations, so we can search for a way to return to the country as efficiently as possible.

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